What is the breed of cow in Jurassic Park?

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Guy down the road raises Corriente. Has an arena setup. Every so often the herd will be up close to the road wearing their roping helmets. My wife thinks they're just adorable with their little hats.
Those aren't Corriente, then. Those " helmets" are used on polled beef breed steers. No way to fit them properly on a horned steer. You do use wraps around the base of the horn, though, to guard against rope burn. You get your cattle up in the chutes and put these helmets or wraps on right before you rope, and you run them back in after the roping is done, and take them off, before you turn them out. Bet ya this dude leaves halters on his horses when he turns them out, too.
Probably just some mixed breed cow that the producers were able to get cheap. Probably had several of them to use in retakes. Like the goat in the T. Rex pen.

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