Fluorescent Light and Semen

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May 26, 2008
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Moneta Va
Saw something on another board about not exposing semen straws to fluorescent lighting as it could damage semen.

I dont recall anything being mentioned about this when I went through A I School.

Could someone shed some light on this topic.

I haven't heard that before but it doesn't mean that it is not true ..

I just do not see how any light would cause damage as it would not have time. You grab straw from tank and quickly drop it in thaw thermos and then remove it quickly snip the end, secure straw in your gun, and tuck gun safely in the warmth of your shirt. Then go to cow and insert in cow..Not much light getting to it. And once the straw is in the stainless steel gun no light would get to it.

Maybe they were referring to the collecting and freezing of the semen..
I don't think it could be Flourescent Lighting, maybe UV light(sunlight). The stud houses use indoor lighting, don't they?

Im sure it damages semen to some extent. An Embryoligist I was using asked me to turn off the flourescent lights in my office and hang a regular light bulb over his microscope because exposure to the lighting would damage the embryos.

Circle H Ranch
The standard bulbs do emit UV light, but they make light filters that almost eliminate UV light, A, B, and C type.

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