First time keeping replacement heifers

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Don;t keep any you wouldn;t be willing to buy if they were someone elses.
Don't keep the biggest just cause they're the biggest.
Don't keep the fattest
Keep ones that were born sooner in the season, as their mothers bred early
keep ones out of good mothers - breed back time, easy keeping, temperament, size, feet, bag, no horns, etc
keep ones that look like a good little heifer, not a steer
keep ones that are friendly
keep ones that are the colour you want
don't keep any that you don't really like, just because you want more heifers and they're 'good enough'

that'll get you started
Bar E":65lct7wn said:
How many pounds of hay and feed oats per head per day?

I'm doing 5 lbs a day with good mineral and grass. After 1-2 months they started really looking good.
Our heifers get free choice hay, mineral, and around #2 per day of a 12% sweet feed. With decent grass that will slick them off and make them look really nice.

As they get older and closer to being to being turned out I feed cubes 2-3 times per week to get them more a custom to being turned out.

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