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Apr 25, 2004
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College Station, Texas
Tomorrow morning I take my red brahman bull to his first show. Taking him to the Trinity Valley Exposition in Liberty, Texas (Southeast TX). 14 month old bull, great bloodlines (HK Passport). Ill let ya know what happens.
I will wish you good luck too. I took my heifer to the county in august and then took her to the Tulsa State Fair a couple weeks ago. I did okay in the regular show but a got first in my class in the Futurity Showback and got a $100 check.
well good luck
and have fun
Good Luck! Remember 1st and foremost have fun. :D

If things don't exactly go the way you want, just remember it's only one man's opinion. Keep your head up and continue on.
Best of luck to you and your teenager bull! Today is a first for me to. My first postings here. (Hope your not as nervous as I am)

Hi all you seem like such a wonderfull group. Thats what you will like most about showing Country Boy.
The people are the greatest!
I did great! Took the top of my class and then came back and got Reserve Grand Champion overall. Lost to a 2 1/2 year old bull, who happened to be the brother of my bull (from the guy I bought mine from). I got an awesome trophy to start my collection. Almost made it to the All American Breeds class, but the Grand Champion Brahman lost to a Simbrah.
yes, congrats! what a good way to start out your show career!

maybe you can post a pic when you get them in?
TxCoUnTrYbOy":z6voajof said:
I did great! Took the top of my class and then came back and got Reserve Grand Champion overall.

Congrats. Keep up the good work and don't let your hat get to small.
That has ruined more potential successful showmen/showgirls than anything.
Congrats on a great day.

Are you going to show him in any of the open shows at the Spring Majors?
Good for you and your bull Country Boy. That is SO cool! Keep it up
Remember that being a "good" winner is more important than hte winning.
Gracious and understanding ot those who place below you. i am sure you are.

Thank you kjerckie for the welcome!
Congrats! Keep up the good work! Remember winning isn't everything.........but it's pretty darn close! Just kidding, glad to hear you did so well.

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