First calf of the new year...No pics yet

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Jul 29, 2008
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Well, wasn't expecting this one so early, but one of the girls has decided to have her calf today...Glad I was putting out some hay and noticed..I'd rather they have em early in the morning before I get up..Last one this time of the day we had to pull. Wasn't expecting her to calve til March, guess the doc called it wrong..(he just graduated last year)..At least I am hoping he called it wrong and its not a premature...We'll see. Anxious to see this one as it will be the first out of the herd bull we bought 2 years ago.
I'll post an update and some pics later...It'll be interesting, we haven't had a heifer in 2 years....ALL bulls.
heres hoping its a healthy heifer calf.a vet can be wrong pregging cows by 30 to 60 days.
HE was a puller. About 67 lbs. Big feet..All went well with no tears. I'll take a healthy one all day, but wouldn't mind a heifer ONE day...And the weather is great 74 today.
Here he is...
Nice calf, good mom doing her job. How many bulls in a row have you had?
Oh I like this guy. What is he ? It looks like one of my bull was at your place :lol: Glad everything is alright,nice calf.

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