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Jul 10, 2007
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Recently there was a thread about how soon cows will cycle after they calve. Well here's some input for ya'll

Two of my partners older Reg Gelbvieh cows calved approx 3 weekd ago. Saw the bull breed them both today. We will most likely terminate the pregnancies if they catch as they are to be AI'd in May, but that's pretty fast breedback.
I missed that thread but...

Every year shortly into calving cows start cycling - the ones that have been calved three weeks or so. Shortest calving to cycling interval I know of is ten days (and yes, if mating has started I'll 'waste' a straw of semen on them. Or the bull gets them).

First dairy I worked on calved throughout the year and let a bull run with the herd. Some of the cows calved at ten months after calving, some at fifteen - averaged 365 days exactly. But there were a lot of ten and eleven monthers pulling that average back.
personally if those 2 cows are bred i would not abort the xcalves.because you could mess the cow up.an she might not breed back like she should.

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