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Mar 3, 2005
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I have a 100 mile fencer but I actually have about 5 miles of fence. Some of the fence goes through some heavy vegetation and I can maintain about 4000 volts on my tester. Is there anything negative if I went to a 15 joule 200 mile fencer? Would my voltage increase? Any problem with too much voltage? thanks farmguy
What brand is the 100 mile? What is the output in Joules? How many ground rods do you have? I run a permanent Taylor with three ground rods and it maintains 10-11k volts, on mine if you clean the fence line out at first, it will keep the weeds burned back. Also have a solar Parmak 12 that works good. Can't remember off the top of my head what voltage it puts out. The one thing I learned the hard way was don't buy cheap!
There's no downside to a really hot fence

well. until YOU touch it by accident

Good ground is imperative, critical, essential, paramount (I hope I'm not being repetitive!)
That size unit that you have should be more than adequate. You won't get any larger voltage from a bigger unit just more power to go bigger distances. You must have a fault somewhere to drop your voltage like that and as has been said the earth is very important but I suspect you have a short somewhere.

I have a Zareba 6 joule fencer. I have 5 ground rods buried underground. With only a few hundred feet on the fencer, lines disconnected, I can get about 7000 volts.

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