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Jan 13, 2004
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Southeast Louisiana
When the airline pilot announced that the plane was about to crash, the passengers began their last minute preprations...some started to cry, others were praying..some were writing wills..One woman in her mid thirties stood up in the rear of the plane and tearfully requested the attention of the passengers...
"I'm thirty five and have never been with a man...For one time before I die I would like to know what it feel like to really be a woman. Is there someone on this plane that can make me feel like a woman?"

A tall robust young Texan stood slowly out of his seat and answered in a slow southern drawl. Come on up here maam..I'll take care of you."

She began to tremble and wimper, began to check her lip stick and brush her hair....
The Texan began to slowly take off his shirt as the woman inched nearer to him.."Come on maam you look just fine don't worry about a thing..I'll try to be gentle."
When the woman reached him the Texan finished removing his shirt revealing rippling muscles..The nervous woman asked him, "What do I do now?"
The Texan wadded up his shirt and handed it to her..."Here, iron this."

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