Feeding weaned heifers 1 or 2 times a day?

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Jan 2, 2004
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I usually feed my weaned heifers a small amount of feed. In the past I always did 2 feedings a day. Trying to save some time so wondering if I do any harm feeding just once a day?
Weaned 9 heifers about 3 weeks ago . I'm feeding them about 3-4 lbs per once a day . 2 reasons for me to feed. (1) keep them growing, not to get them fat (2) they are at a different farm about 4 miles away . Not on my daily routes so if they get out they will come to the bucket .
I actually prefer to feed my heifers every second or third day, I want to feed enough at one time that everything gets its fill. The weakest calf is the one that needs the feed the most.
The biggest problem with once a day feeding if you are feeding a grain based ration is fluctuations in rumen pH and acidosis. On saying that I wean my heifers in autumn and the ones I am keeping I put up the back on 100 acres which is mostly treed with some open areas over winter with poor quality grass but plenty of it. I feed them a grain mix about 1.5 kg once a day, enough to keep them gaining at .75 kg/day over winter so they will be a good weight for joining in spring. I have not had any trouble with feeding them just once a day.
I might add that a protein meal can be fed just twice a week that is 3 days ration together but just twice a week and will be just as effective as being fed daily.
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