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Pairs on grass
Falls and replacements on silage/ryelage until I can get them turned out, hopefully this wknd.
Everyone on Purina wind and rain
Just curious, what is the melatonin for? I've used it to knock the edge off come show night. Maybe I recall something about it possibly increasing hair?
I can see by your picture and the desire for extra hair growth, that you are feeding show cattle. My cattle are commercial.
Commercial cattle will be fed using whatever is economically available in your environment. Ideally they are fed on nothing but grass year around, but for most that is not possible. In parts of the Midwest, for example, it might be cheaper to feed them in a drylot and grow hay and crops on the land. Here there is very little land suitable for growing crops, but plenty of grazing. It gets very dry in summer and winters are cold and wet, so we still need to supplement for at least 3 months. Most cattle are removed from summer range and fed in a sacrifice pasture for that time period.

My cattle are on grass in summer and limited grazing and hay in the winter, plus 7 to 8 pounds of rye grass screening pellets per cow per day. These are quite similar in quality to good grass hay, but usually a bit cheaper. They are a waste product of the rye grass seed industry in the Willamete Valley. They also have the advantage of being readily available and can be picked up as needed. I don't have enough storage space to keep another 30 plus tons of hay under cover, so I pick up 3 tons of pellets every 10 days or so. The cows like them, but you need to be careful to not feed too much as they can contain endophytes. A good mineral is also available year around and can change with the season.
My cow herd us fed grass all summer. Great quality hay all winter, and a top quality mineral 365 days yr.
Weaned calves are worked up to 5#/hd/day of whole shell corn, with a 32% protein pellet to make a 14% ration. And full access yo loose mineral.
4-6 Steers born in fall are weaned and started on WSC and protein pellets. Slowly increasing corn and decreasing protein. Also mineral. On little over 2% BW right now. Will hang avg. 750# carcass at 12-13 months old, choice.
Show cattle get WSC, Precon, Ultra Full, Depth Charge, whole oats, Sure Champ. Mixture depends on age/ need. Give Joint Juice to one that might get stiff walking at shows.

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