Eye Discoloration

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Apr 13, 2005
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Springfield, Oregon
We have a black angus cow with a discolored eye. We noticed this about 5 days ago. I reviewed other posts and concluded it was pink eye. The next day we put her in the the shoot, rinsed her eye with saline solution, and gave her an injection of oxytetracycline.

Orignally the eye was black (normal eye color) with some white/red (not normal)
The image below, taken this morning, shows the eye mostly white and red.

This cow appears otherwise healthy, no discernable weight loss and is eating with the rest of the herd. The only issue seems to be the eye. She keeps the bad eye closed most of the time and there is some tearing comming from that eye.


What do you think? Thanks!!
Advanced pinkeye, may even be something under the lid causing it to keep being irritatedd.
Could be pink eye? More likely a puncture wound or a burr injured the eye.
looks like all the cases of pinkeye we have always had. we give bio-mycin 200 & throw salt in them. usually gets alright in time, some will retain a little white spot in center