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Jan 15, 2009
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Hi everyone, new to the AI thing and I am starting out with a few crossbred heifers. I want to know what the frame score means. I know it is their size but what should I shoot for? I want to run them on good grass and they will be commercial herd. I really like the looks of red angus. But since these will be sale barn calves probally should go black. I am looking to keep the heifer calves to grow the herd. Thanks for any info
Red Angus cows/heifers with a "real" (homozygous black) Angus will give you black calves.
Depending on the quaility and quantitiy of your forage, what frame calves your buyers are looking for, I would shoot for a FS 5-6 maybe 6.5.
The link is a little deceiving as it appears to be for any animal whereas it is actually for bulls, at maturity there will be a 4" difference in height between a bull and a cow of the same frame size, so, a bull who is frame score 6 will be 58" and a cow 54". There is a constant 2" difference between frame scores so,

Score Bull Cow
8 62 58
7 60 56
6 58 54
5 56 52
4 54 50
3 52 48

hope this helps.

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