Dogs In Heaven ?????????

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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
I am sure many of you have read this before but it was sent to me by a very good friend ,on the passing of our beloved little girl Steffie and I wanted to share it with all my fellow dog lovers and yes cats go to heaven too.

Dogs In Heaven?

An old man and his dog were walking down this dirt road with fences on both sides, they came to a gate in the fence and looked in, it was nice grassy, woody areas, just what a 'huntin' dog and man would like, but, it had a sign saying 'no trespassing' so they walked on. They came to a beautiful gate with a person in white robes standing there. "Welcome to Heaven" he said. The old man was happy and started in with his dog following him. The gatekeeper stopped him. "Dogs aren't allowed, I'm sorry but he can't come with you."

"What kind of Heaven won't allow dogs? If he can't come in, then I will stay out with him. He's been my faithful companion all his life, I can't desert him now."

"Suit yourself, but I have to warn you, the Devil's on this road and he'll try to sweet talk you into his area, he'll promise you anything, but the dog can't go there either. If you won't leave the dog, you'll spend Eternity on this road."

So the old man and dog went on. They came to a rundown fence with a gap in it, no gate, just a hole. Another old man was inside. "S'cuse me Sir, my dog and I are getting mighty tired, mind if we come in and sit in the shade for awhile?"

"Of course, there's some cold water under that tree over there. Make yourselves comfortable"

"You're sure my dog can come in? The man down the road said dogs weren't allowed anywhere."

"Would you come in if you had to leave the dog?"

"No sir, that's why I didn't go to Heaven, he said the dog couldn't come in.
We'll be spending Eternity on this road, and a glass of cold water and some shade would be mighty fine right about now. But, I won't come in if my buddy here can't come too, and that's final."

The man smiled a big smile and said "Welcome to Heaven."

"You mean this is Heaven? Dogs ARE allowed? How come that fellow down the road said they weren't?"

"That was the Devil and he gets all the people who are willing to give up a life long companion for a comfortable place to stay. They soon find out their mistake, but then it's too late. The dogs come here, the fickle people stay there. GOD wouldn't allow dogs to be banned from Heaven. After all, HE created them to be man's companions in life, why would he separate them in death?"

Author Unknown
Aww. I just lost my collie Harley (15yrs) in April and my son's husky Panda (12yrs) in June during my gall bladder issues. It's been a tough year for us and that is a nice story, I'd like to see my Harley again. He was my best buddy. My old man.

Sorry to hear about your Steffie. it is so difficult to accept that they wont be following you around anymore or just waiting for you to come home.
I am sorry to hear about Harley and Panda. I do know this for sure that when my time comes and I by only by the grace of God get to move onto the heavens if I do not see my beloved pets like Steffie I will keep on walking because anyone that has known the unconditional love from a loyal companion knows that that is where all the good go.

Once a dog has entwined him/herself round your heart he is not only yours for life, but you are his.
Other dogs are just as precious but they all have their allotted spot in your memory.
A heaven without one's dogs would not be the heaven we hoped for.
A dog is always mans best frined.

BTW this was sent in an real paper mailed sympathy card and written out, not just copy and pasted. That is what true souls and pet lover my dear friends are.. :heart:
I think your Steffie is already in Heaven, patiently waiting for you, just like she did here.

Steffie and KC are up there chasing cows, and running up and down the hills together
and ya know all of their ailments and pain they had here are taken away, they are like they were when they were in their prime
and don't worry my son is taking care of them for us till we get there
If dogs don't go to Heaven it's not heaven,so I'llgo where they go. Had some nutter tell me there wasn't room for dogs in Heaven!!!!! Told him his God was pretty limited..
Got bad NEWS today my Cat of 13 years has cancer and only a few months to live, in himself he is OK, the cancer is growing in his neck. I know most of you like dogs but a pet is a pet, and they mean the world to the owners. I am sorry for your loss HD, and also yours KK. Time heals so they say, I have lost a few in my life as I'm sure we all have, I try to remember all the good times I had with them, and a smile comes to my face.

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