Disappearing Candy Canes

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Feb 24, 2007
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Noticed that all of the candycanes were vanishing from the tree. Started after the kids, first suspects. Then started bugging the husband. No one would fess up.
Finally caught the culprits. It is our 2 Corgi pups, they must have a sweet tooth. Saw them running through the house with candy canes in their mothes. :lol2:
Moved the candy canes all to higher branches.
i was going down the list with you as i read your post.an i to was thinking the dogs was getting the candy canes :lol:
Reminds me of the time I looked out and saw that Coletrane had gotten ahold of a santa hat somewhere and was running blindly along with it over his nose and eyes.
If the canes had wrappers on them the plastic should be thin enough it won't hurt them. When I was a little kid I used to feed my old black lab bologna with the red ring still attached to it. He'd walk around with the little red string hanging out his butt.
The best one I ever seen was when the youngest daughter was about 3 she was playing with Play -doh and went to get something came back and her play doh was gone a couple days later we figured out where it went when the dog was pooping blue and green turds

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