Dehorning nubs

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Pretty nice. Had not seen one like that
I've had one for a few years. Gets very hot in a short amount of time and works great for smaller calves. The tip is relatively small and loses heat quickly if you're trying to cauterize a lot of big bleeders, though.

They're not extremely durable, either. I've never had a problem with it, but I store it in a case and only use it on animals in a chute. I doubt it would stand up to getting kicked around much.
Brute, curious why buy a horned hereford bull instead of polled?
More good bulls to choose from with horns. It's tough to find a good Hereford bull that will hold up down here to start. Then if you want polled it really narrows down the options.

I had a really nice polled Hereford that got injured when the neighbor's Char bull came thru a brand new fence. When I tried to track down the breeder the kids had sold the herd off when the dad died.

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