Blocking for dehorning

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I block for dehorning every time. Here's a video that isn't bad:

You'll feel a groove running between the outside corner of the eye and the horn bud. That's where the nerve to the horn runs. Put 2-5 cc of lidocaine SQ there. For calves more than a couple weeks old, I recommend putting some lidocaine SQ just behind the horns as well; sometimes a nerve grows up from around that side.

Assuming you're working on the calves in the chute, I recommend applying the lidocaine first, then any vaccinations or other procedures, and dehorning last. That gives the block some time to work. It's not 100% effective, but it's pretty satisfying to be able to cut and cauterize horns on an animal that's just calmly standing there and wondering what's going on.

Thanks for the link.......In my time off from cattle, I've forgotten several good points.....
Just an update. College was out yesterday. We dehorned 3. Used lidocaine, waited five minutes. They just stood there while I gouged their horns off. They did still bawl some when we cauterizied their heads. Gave them Maloxacam before we let them out.

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