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This is just me but, for what it is worth. I will never dehorn calves that i am taking to sale again.

I have always had the vet saw them off then categorize around the base of the nub. Never fails one or two get infected then I am having to doctor them.

From now on I will either sale the calves with their horns on or try to get rid of the cow that throws horned calves.

When you saw the horns off sometimes the vet saws them off so close to the holes exposing the sinus cavity of the animal is bigger than the other.

Vet will tell you to keep them off round bales to keep them from getting infection. That's bull ****. I put these recent dehorned calves on winter wheat.

Myself unless thoes horns are 8 to 10 inches or more. I don't see the animal being able to harm or bruise another at feed bunks which buyers say are the reason they doc them at the barn.

But I am done dehorn cattle of any kind. And won't buy any more horned cattle not that i see anything wrong with them except it is just another reason for them to low ball them at the sale barn.

It won't be long before they (buyers) will want this done and that done to pay what the animal is worth.

That's when i am done messing with cattle. Perrty much at that point now. Anyone that sale cattle can see something is not right by comparing what they are getting price per pound at the barn. Compared to what it sales for at the supermarket.
Pretty easy to breed the horns off and I still want my own, tasty, beef supply. I bet you do too.
Yeah, wished the waygu came without horns... all our cows are polled...So it will be an adjustment. SInce though, they will be heifer bulls, we calve out our heifers here at the house, so it will be easy to debud them before we put them into another pasture.....

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