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NC Angus

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Feb 3, 2009
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I live in North Carolina and have about 14 acres i was going to fence in and put some cows in. I was just wondering what the recommended cow/calf pair i could put in the 14 acres?
thanks in advance
novatech":2iufubhk said:
There is absolutely no way for anyone on here to tell. Here us an article that may help you. ... ml#legumes

Good article NovaTech. Thanks for posting the link!! I know the measurements to be performed would offer a rough estimate of how many cows a given pasture would support but I'm thinking that NC Angus, in addition to the offered measurements, could tighten that number up a good bit if he sent a forage sample or two in for nutrient analysis. This is fairly inexpensive, $15 -$25?, and the resulting feedback could make a huge difference.
your asking a loaded good is the grass on the you have a good mix of summer an winter you have access to when the grass runs short you can hay them.with that land you should be able to handle 5 cows an a bull.or 6 cows if you AI breed them.

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