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Aug 28, 2008
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Gypsum, KS

greenwillowhereford II":1vhnfrey said:
Some will question her udder is my prediction, but they both look great. Ages?

Her udder isn't as level as I would prefer it to be. She is a heavy milker, belying her +4 milk epd, and she was 11 years and 7 months of age when the pic was taken. She calved 8 days after this pic. Teat size is very good. Her dam and granddam were both more level uddered, but probably not quite as heavy on the milk. She is a fourth generation donor cow.
At that age and that close to calving that udder wouldn't bother me. I've got some of those milk EPD numbers in the 5-7 range, and they are the heaviest milkers I've got, even though I've had cows with EPDs for milk into the twenties.
very nice. i've always been a fan of the Domino line. nice length and straight lines on that cow.

sooknortex":10se3z7x said:
Really nice cow. The udder isn't perfect as has been noted. I'd give it a 6.5-7.0 on a 1-10 scale. Other than the udder however she seems to be a really well put together cow. Love the depth of body and a tremendous topline for an 11 year old cow. (that topic sure has got the air time lately!).

Do you have any female progeny of this cow you could post up for us to look at?
AF MISS K DOM 301 as a first calf heifer


301 was the result of mating 37G to HL1 KING DOM 71224. After I purchased the King Dominos I called around to see what semen was available on them yet and which bulls were the best. I was told by a couple guys that 71224 was a bull to use if I could find the semen and his owner in Montana had some semen and was reluctant to part with any of it. Don Anderson, who managed the KDs at Havre told me 71224 was the top producing son of his sire used at the station. I then learned the owner died. So, I thought...what happened to the semen? Started calling around and ran accross a young man working at "Hawkeye West" at Billings, MT and asked him if by any chance the owner had stored the semen there? He said he could not give me any information, but gave me the number to a man who had a small storage facility in Great Falls. He said" he might be able to help me". I called this guy up and " oh yes, I have 50 units on him and some on another KD, the owner had died and no one was paying the storage costs and I am about ready to throw it out" . So, I pay him a small price and he sends me the semen. I then am told the owner had a widow and I locate her and buy an interest from her by using a letter by next of kin to replace the registration cert, which the AHA is happy to accept for a small fee. I got 2 calves the first year, then nothing and nothing. I tried to flush 37G to him twice. The semen just doesn't work in a flush. Some how, I got one heifer settled to it for a calf in 2009(by chance I am sure). 71224 is not near the bull the 71J bull is, but it provides a little genetic variation to the line and he may be strong in udder and maternal traits. All of my adventures back to the old KD genetics have caused a loss in growth as compared to 71J. 301 hasn't produced the growth her dam does. I do have a couple et calves by 301 and out of KPHR HL1 KING D3165 due in february, I hope. I have 4 other daughters of 37G and if i run accross some pics of them in production I will post. I have a 37G daughter sired by KPHR HL1 KING DOM 8 that just turned a year. She weighed 745 at a year. She was an et heifer...AF MISS K DOM 739.
Nice looking animals. I agree with the previous udder comments, but at 11 years of age and still looking that good, I wouldn't have any complaints!! Love that little calf too!
HerefordSire":2xx9wlmw said:
Any more info on the bull you can provide?
I will save myself some typing: ... 4241404F2D
He is listed as a trait leader for calving ease. I have never considered him a "heifer bull". His newborns are consistantly thick. I consider them to be very well built. The tenderness seems to be for real as the butcher beef we have gotten from his progeny is very good. I got him pretty fleshy one winter and he weighed 2400#. He weighed 2200# when sold through the sale barn. He is intensely inbred. If you look at his pedigree, his dam is also his sire's granddam and his sire's dam is also his dam's dam and his sire's greatgrandam is also his dam's dam. He is a maternal brother to the 37G cow. I sold him a few years ago and I probably shouldn't have, but I wanted to turn the page. If he had had better testicles, he would have been a great bull. At times the testicles looked fine, but often they would hang uneven. Maybe I was too picky, but I believed that in a linebreeding program, I had to limit the influence of an inferior trait and try to use his progeny to breed away from the testicle weakness and keeping his positive traits. His progeny's growth and performance were superior within the line and I figured he would eventually appear in the pedigree of every King Domino I owned, but I didn't want them all to be half sibs sired by him with the weankess in the testicles! I live with my decisions. He was a very good bull, I have never seen a perfect one. I flushed the 37G cow to the KPHR HL1 KING DOM 8, who is her great grandsire, and have some nice calves, but they don't display as much growth as the 71J calves. The AF HL KING DOMINO 505 calves that I have gotten have had good growthiness. 505 is a son of 37G and a grandson of 71J.


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