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Sep 27, 2008
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NSW Australia
Hi all,
Firstly, can somebody please tell me the viatmin injection that increases appetite in bottle calves?

Secondly, one of my little heifers born to my jersey house cow has gone lame in the left front leg. She was born new years eve. I noticed this morning when she stands,she stands on her toe with her knee bent outwards,she walks the same! Only just happened recently,any suggestions as to why or what it may be, she is drinking fine,nibbling away at some grain and hay etc. She just wont straightent the leg, I felt the knee and its not swollen or broken(well doesnt appear to be) but it resembles a bannana the way it is at the moment :(
Thanks Dun, will do!
Doesn't look swollen but i will go feel it.
Had one calf once get navel infection(joint ill) i call it, and he went in all joints and was real sick.She seems different. Will come back with a reply soon :)
Ok, heifer's navel is fine,no heat and no swelling,just about all gone(she is 2 weeks old tomorrow)
Her front leg seems ok this arvo but when i got her to stand up , her back legs were knuckling over at the ankle(fetlock) whatever you want to call it! and she was walked like that for a bit and then they seemed to straighten out to almost normal. She was having a drink of her mum so she still has appetite, any idea??? Almost like contracted tendons that popped up overnight :?:
UPDATE: vet has been. Temp normal,no coughing etc but a bit wheazy sounding in the chest. Very weak,unable to stand and when does just flops back down. Still holding her head up and bright enough. He took some blood to do a test in the morning and gave her some Anti-Inflamatories and AB's in the vein. Hoping in the morning she is up and about. Will keep you posted :D
Missy, I wish you the best on your calf. Jeanne can anyone buy BoSe ? Is the vet the only one you can buy it from ?
Joy of Texas":28lhywpl said:
Missy, I wish you the best on your calf. Jeanne can anyone buy BoSe ? Is the vet the only one you can buy it from ?
BoSe & MuSe are a prescribed drug, you can buy it from a Pharmaceutical catalog - BUT, must have a prescription.
In our area, I wouldn't THINK of having a newborn without giving it a BoSe shot. And we feed our cows triple the recommended dose in their mineral. I wouldn't arbitrarily recommend anyone to do that, but we had blood tests run til the level was where it should be.
Thanks all...

Keren,we had one calf with joint ill, a dairy calf we bought to put on a house cow we used to have,he got it and we saved him,pretty lucky!!

Vet is doing blood test this morning so see if it tells us anything!
Will let you know :D

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