clearing for new pasture

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Jul 20, 2007
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Here on our hills and rock we have been clearing for new pasture. We are so high up on the hill, if Sarah Palin was here I think she could see Canada.
We are going to try some Bahia. May not be wise since we are north of the zone. We did about a half acre last year it done well. Thus far has not frozen out. High it does not frost early or late as in the bottoms.
A question to those that raise the grass does it with stand drought well? Should it be fertilized heavy or just enough to keep it maintained? Our local ASCS does not know anything about it. Trying to establish something besides fescue.
Bahia is very drought tolerant. It is also tolerant to poor fertility. Its called the "poor man's grass" here cause anyone can grow it under most any situation with little if any inputs. We grow pennascola and Tift 9. To me there is little difference between the two except Tift 9 will green up quicker and brown up later than the straight penn. Another thing I've noticed is that bahia is difficult to grow clover in due to the heavy root mat - unless you break the mat with a harrow or a pasture king. To me, bahia is like the Energizer Bunny - it just keeps growing and growing. Nothing spectacular just steady growth. One last thing, in my opinion, its not worth cutting hay on it. I prefer to leave it there and not take the nutrients from the soil. I rarely ever fertilize bahia and it does quite well.

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