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Lots of Charolais down in deep south Texas that seem to do just fine. But around the Houston area, just anecdotally speaking, it seems like they fall apart a bit more than they do out in the Texas hill country, possibly due to the combination of heat, humidity and lack of night time cooling. Also our grasses are a lot weaker than hill country grass, and possibly S. Texas grass also. But I'd guess that if Charolais can thrive in the hill country and in deep south Texas they can probably handle anything the southeast of the USA can throw at them. Plenty of Simmental around me near Houston and they seem to do pretty well also. Don't know why, but we see relatively few Gelbvieh in these parts.
Best suited for the South east? Given all the hurricanes this year you probably want the heaviest ones that won't blow away and can swim real good.

Hopefully DR Cattle will chime in here since his cattle are probably olympic swiming contenders by now.
I'd say simmental. Or if you can find some good FERTILE charolais they would work well too.
cows with webbed feet with all the rain from the hurricaines and storms that will be coming your way....
no harm intended since disasters are nothing to kid about
my sister is down in Florida with the Red Cross right this very moment.

Our Simmentals do really well in the Texas heat. The reds doing better than the black hided cows. I don't have any experience with either of the other two breeds.

Of course, if you'd put a little Brahman in that Simmental, she'd really do well in the heat!

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