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Feb 25, 2004
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August Feeder cattle closed limit down on Thursday due to
long-liquidation and filled last Monday's gap at 108.80.
Today's decline also led to a close below the 40-day moving
average crossing at 108.83. The limit down close sets the
stage for a steady to lower opening on Friday. Stochastics
and the RSI are diverging and turned bearish signal to a
double top has been posted and that a trend change might be
taking place. Closes below the 25% retracement level of the
May-June rally crossing at 107.51 would confirm a trend
change while opening the door for a possible test of the
June 14th reaction low crossing at 106.77 later this month.
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Sixty to seventy five day weaned Hereford X Brahman replacement heifers weighing 575-675 sold yesterday at replacement sale for
$1.75 to $1.88. Chocolates @1.35.
Sorted, sized one owner. That's a home run for seller.
I just can't reason with this as the buyer will have to run these until Dec. to just breed them.

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