Why I never get around cattle on foot, always on horseback

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When the coon hunters saw them, one of them leashed the dogs and hauled ass back to their truck, to go wake the farmer up and tell him. The other 2 snuck close enough to see them,. heard them talking, and knew who they were. They already had the cattle loaded, ran the ones they couldn't fit on the truck back out of the panels, and were loading the panels up. The one going to get the farmer, ran up on a game warden and flagged him down, and the game warden went on and stopped them about 1/4 mile down the road, and held them for the sheriff. ( They had stolen some of his the year before) So, when the one got to the farmer's house, he told them the game warden was going to stop them, so he and the farmer loaded up some wire etc to fix the fence with and went on out there. Muggs' 17 yr old nephew ratted them all out...told where all they had stole cattle the past 3 years,. where they sold them, and how much they sold them for! They all pled guilty and Muggs caught 18 mos in prison. I think the judge made them all pay restitution, but whether they had money to do that., I don't know. It was like it is now, an up-cycle in the market, and cattle were high. That's why they thought they could make some easy money.
Damn a man that steals, and double damn a man who steals from somebody who pays him a fair wage for fair work.

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