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Jan 18, 2006
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Some of these pictures were taken a month or so ago, some sooner.

You can critique away if you like, I like the cattle, and see obvious flaws in all of them myself. However, they have been functional and efficient to this point. Some of these are possible donor cows if they continue to produce. The bull is a long yearling, fairly happy with him so far. The cattle are grass fed, and hay fed. I do give some protein when needed. I do however feed my heifers before and after calving, and if needed when they come home to get them caught back up. Our two year olds have raised the same size calves for the most part as our adult cows, maybe 20lbs less or so. The pictures were just taken, so set ups, just pasture shots of some cows.
R77 She is pictured on my website as a two year old, she is a Marshall M33 x H12 a Stockman bred cow

This is R30 a P606 x a 774 bred cow

This is R06 she is a P606 x K61 which was a Governor daughter and top cow in Kevin Schultz's herd.

Bred the same way as R30

This bull is a SHF Progress son out of a Stockmaster cow. He is a May 4 calf, he was fed until May 25th and then ran on a small pasture with 2 other bulls, and two steers. He has since been only on that grass and hay. First picture taken at 15 months, second at 18 months after only getting hay. The way he is standing takes away from his hindquarter, he is better then what this picture shows.


I would really like to read what Doc thinks of them, see if what I see is close to what he does
Matt, if you would just go back and edit your post to add the breeding of every animal after its photo, it would be much appreciated by me and I think a few others as well who keep an eye on the SHF program.
I went ahead and added what you asked for, if you want specifics I can give that as well. These are all three year old cows.
Do you have current photos of R77? She is a dandy in this photo.

The headshape of R30 do you reckon that's from 774 or P606 or any other animal in the pedigree that you know of?

Overall good quality, once your herd matures it will make a beautiful picture.
That is a current picture of the R77 cow. She is longer then that picture makes her look, but she is overly thick.

The R30 may be one of the best cows that i own, she puts about 40lb extra on her calves over the others in her contemporary group. Her calves tend to have a little to much leather, but they are fairly fancy calves. I told you wrong on her grandsire, it is actually H142. And yes I think they got that head, and flater rear quarter through some of those lines.

I would like to hear some opinions on the bull pictured, I am thinking about using him in herd next year along with another bull and AI
I would like to hear some opinions on the bull pictured, I am thinking about using him in herd next year along with another bull and AI

The bull is long bodied with enough depth and capacity, structurally very correct as far as I can see in the photos, good head and masculinity. I prefer a little more muscle and personally I feel there is enough good pigmented bulls out there not to use one with white eyes. He'll probably serve you very well as a clean-up sire, I truly believe that every breeder should use more bulls of his own breeding provided that the bull was out of a very well adapted cow to his conditions.

Its just for future bull sales I've found that polled and pigment sells more bulls in the commercial market than horned or even scurred without pigment.

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