Calf scours

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I have 2 questions.
>Could feeding minerals to the mother cow be a cause of calf scours?
>What would cause the female cow to have scours? If you know the answer couldyu please e-mail me or post it ASAP.

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> I have 2 questions. Mary, When we see or read about scours most immediately think "bad" or "sickness." A cow's diet can trigger loose manure such as lush green small grains or grass that has broken dormancy or is in a lush rapidly growing stage, with a high water content. In Texas this is just about over as coastal is aging or about ready for first cutting. Offer dry hay, which may not be very attractive to the cow with tender green forage. But several bites a day will help. I don't worry about this in cows if they appear healthy and are out grazing. I am amazed each year in the fall when grass is old and tuff, low in protein, how fat the cattle get.

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