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i live in the st.louis area and i work with three friends of mine that live in the st.clair area of st.louis .these guys tell me that there is a cattle channel that is very informative and you can also bid online a cattle auction on line.. is this true and what is the name of the channel? thanks ,cougar

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The channel is RFDTV. I don't belive it is on any cable networks, but it is on satellite. On Dish Network it is channel 9409 and on DirectTV iy is 379. I am watching it right now and they are showing a special on Chianinas.

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The program you are talking about is The Cattle Show. This is the best show out there! They only show cattle related programs and its National so you can catch it no matter where you are traveling. I saw it last week at the NCBA, they had a really good program on about prep'n for a show. Its a weekly program. You can check the RFD-TV web site for the schedule.

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