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Dec 28, 2013
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New Iberia, LA
Does anybody have any experience with the portable panels from C&B Farm & Outdoors in Alabama?

I'm looking at building a 20x20 pen that will be subdivided in half, then have a 90deg sweep and 20ft alley. Priefert is $3,069 for their Premier parts, C&B is $3,925 for their heavy duty, and Big Country Livestock Equipment is $4,003 for their heavy duty. I tried GoBob, but they don't have an open sweep and non-adjustable alley. I've seen the Priefert name alot, but not keen on their method of chaining everything together.
I find the chaining method that Preifert uses far more flexible and prefer it to any of the other methods I've worked with
dun":1j4vvqap said:
I find the chaining method that Preifert uses far more flexible and prefer it to any of the other methods I've worked with

Thanks dun. Are the Premier panels quality panels and not Tractor Supply quality panels?

I had borrowed some panels two years ago to catch a crazy heifer, but the guy didn't remember where he got them from.
I think the premier are the heaviest duty panels that they make.
Yep, you are correct. I was thinking they had the Rough Stock panel line, but that model requires a connector post to tie panels together.
If you do them right, the chain-together deal is almost rock solid. If you haven't watched Preifert's older video on how to do it correctly, you need to find it and watch it.The newer vid has a girl talking and she just slides the links in the slot. "No tools required". Realistically, you need a pointed pry bar to pull the chain tight and get the last link possible thru the slot.

Chains make it a lot easier too, if you need to 'tee' off in a different direction.

Those pin together type may be fine, but if a panel gets bent or if you have any ground that is uneven, they are a real pita--my b-i-law has some for his sheep and I hated 'em when I went to help him put his pen together.

I just won't buy any gates or panels from TSC. Too light for cattle IMO.
Not sure if it was the exact video you spoke of, but I did watch o ne video that was a girl speaking and two guys working. They used a pair of pliers and would twist to get to the next link.

I'm going to do the Preifert panels. I've always known the name as good products and they are the cheapest out of the list. I did try the Outlet store, but there is no price difference. I asked what they were and they said they are mostly just a retail outlet store for the factory. They do occasionally get used items, but that is hit and miss.

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