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Apr 16, 2014
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Southeast Missouri
Is there anyone that buys standing hay, particularly in my area? What is the price range you see regularly per acre of rye, orchard grass, timothy mix or fescue/clover mixes. Let's say there is SOME weeds but mostly pretty decent hay pasture, and rough ground vs smooth ground, if that would make a lot of difference to you.
If it doesn't yield at least 1 1/2 bales an acre it isnt worth paying for (imo). If it's decent half the value of an avg bale of hay is fair( bale on halves).
We bale some I guess is like that, pay by the bale. Horse pasture but only a few horses on a little over 80 acres. Decent orchard grass and fescue, a few patches of clover. Mostly weed free. Wide open and fairly flat except a few acres. We usually leave the few real steep spots and weed patches, average at least 200 bales most years, 4x4s. Probably pay 1/3 what the going price per bale is, maybe even less. Works out well for both parties for quite a few years now. No risk for low yield that way either.
we have 60 acres we bale that they take sealed bids every 3 years, yields 2-3 bales per acre, pay about 15 per acre and we take care of fertilizer

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