Bull trying to ride cow that is due

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I noticed this evening that my bull was following and trying to mount a cow that is due within weeks. She wouldn't stand still for him. Just wondering if she's giving off a scent which might mean she's getting close to calving? Or is he just being a "male"?
Yes. The cow is giving off false heat because she is getting close to calving. He thinks she is in season but she is not....bulls can't tell the difference from a bred cow to an open one...all they know he is interested. Nothing to worry about...ignore your bull.
It happens and is one more reason the bull should not run with the cows except during a fixed breeding season.
Several years ago we had a gomer that was playing with a calf as it was born. The calf head would start to protrude and the gomer would head push with it and push it back in. As soon as the head started out agina he pushed it back again. It happened half a dozen times until the cow got up, knocked the living crap out of gomer, laid down and squirted the calf out. Gomer sniffed the new calf and when it wouldn't "play" anymore, walked away and ignored the calf from now on. Hilarious to watch once, but rather worrisome to see happen several times.

LOL! Should've taped it Dun! That would give you a shot on AFV (the TV show). Espeically the part where the cow gets up and beat the living crap out of the bull... I can hear the guy making jokes about that!
I've got a big heifer I thought was bred last June. She would be due this March. Around Christmas she was standing for another heifer to ride her. She is very heavy, but not bagging. Any chance a standing heifer is bred?
We used to have a cow we called 'Flooze' that would stand for a bull, or any other bovine for that matter, almost anytime - even when she was bred. We kept her through her first 2 calves with no problems but decided it wasn't worth risking having something happen to a calf if she stood when she was too close to time to deliver. The bull didn't speak to us for a couple months after we got rid of her. Go figure!

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