Bull running away from cows?

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Ky cowboy

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Apr 30, 2015
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Western kentucky
So I'm a little late turning one of the bulls out on my lease. Rain had me down on bailing hay so I loaded him up and hauled him up drive thru the field to where the cows where in the shade. He was only 30 yards from them, opened the gate and he started towards them and turn and ran the other way while the cows bolted the other way so now I've got the cow herd on 1 side and the bull on the other side out of sight of them. Something so simple turns into a big ordeal, worried he's gonna get out. Hopefully he'll settle in and be ok.
I have had a simular deal go on. I have seen the cows go to woopin on a bull and send him running. They all settled in. The next day he was courting them all over the pasture.

Most all are cattle are cube broke. I try to cube the cattle and get them gathered up then take the bulls right there. They usually all go for the cubes then mix in a lot better.
Ky Cowboy, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you & feel your pain. We moved the bulls & heifers today (on purpose, I'm tired of frozen ears). Bought 2 new 18 month old bulls a few months ago, one for the heifers and the other as a back-up for our alpha herd sire. Our ranch is at the intersection of 2 roads with pastures/gates on 3 corners. All 3 bulls were in the east 80, main herd in central pasture, heifers previously in the west 80 (moved them east). Moved Dick (alpha) and Rod (back-up) to the central pasture. Cows were almost a mile away but Dick knows the drill & was on it. I was hoping Rod would follow but 5 hours later he's still standing in the corner, wanting back in the other pasture/east 80. I get that Johnson (the heifers bull) is still over there and having the time of his very young life, but man-up, Rod, and you'll get a little more than just fence-time! I'm sure he'll either figure it out soon or the herd will move closer to where he's evidently camped out but I did have a moment of buyers remorse :roll:
Checked in them on my way in and they all found each other. Wanted to turn him out last week but should start first of March so should be good
I had my cows beat a new young bull into a corner the first day together. They ganged up on him, formed a circle around him and rammed all of their heads into his body. Took about 24 hours before they let him join the herd.

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