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Mar 21, 2016
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Northern CA
I went to the sale yesterday and ended up coming home with these two, both are bred to black Angus bulls, they averaged 1163lbs, #36 is slightly smaller, I would guess her to be around 1100lbs, with #41 weighing closer to 1225lbs. #36 was palpated at 5 months on Tuesday and #41 was palpated at 4 months. Please feel free to give me your opinions on these heifers, both good and bad, as well as throw out what you feel like they were worth if you don't mind. The first 5 pictures are #36 and the following 5 are #41.
Thank you

They look nice. If you paid $1300 or less per head you made a good purchase.
Thank you, I guess it would have helped to include the location, I'm in northern California.
The sale I purchased these girls at hasn't been publishing reports for breds, and none of the local sales post reports for bred heifers. For full mouth calvy cows at the next closest sale, they're going from $1100 on up. I feel like I got a pretty good deal on them at $1025 just wanted to see what everyone else thought they were worth based on what they look like.
Stocker Steve":2dtec5x4 said:
Lazy M":2dtec5x4 said:
They look nice. If you paid $1300 or less per head you made a good purchase.

What is your market price range for decent commercial heifers?
For heavy bred good heifers: Private treaty from 1100-1600; Stockyard from 1000-1300.
Plenty big enough to have most any calf. One thing, at that size, do you have any idea how old they are? Could be older heifers that were hard to get bred or just were not in the window that the owner wanted to calve out in. The price was right in my opinion. Heifers here are bringing in the $1,000 to 1400 range mostly. At $.80 lb for killing price for fat heifers they are worth $800 to $1,000 each.
I have no idea on their ages, they look to be fairly young (coming 2 year olds) I'm going to be running them through the chute once the weather clears and I'll take a look at their teeth.
You got them bought right and should do well with them.
Late May/June calving = probably selected for sale because they were observed as repeat breeders, so under $2250
for the pair is getting them bought right in my opinion. Treat 'em well and there's a solid chance both will calve
a month earlier next year.

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