Bragging on my 10 yr old son

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Jan 2, 2014
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Northeast KS (USA)
We just found out he's been awarded a solo (singing) with the Kansas City Symphony. He still has some work to do this summer, but if he does it (and I and his teacher is confident he will), it's his solo. His performance will be this time next year.

As I understand it, they are bringing in a professional tenor from who knows where, and one of the songs in the performance will be in Hebrew; the text is the Psalms. My son will sing the second verse (Psalm 23 and Psalm 2:1-4), which is intended to be the voice of the young King David.

I couldn't be more thrilled; I love music and have a tiny amount of talent, but he has an inclination to music I don't understand. It sure is fun to experience!

So, if you want a little high brow culture, come see the Kansas City Symphony next May. :)
D2Cat":tjwg4ynz said:
Congratulations, how did they "discover" him?

This past year was his first year in a Kansas City - wide competitive tryout choir. This choir travels the world (my daughter is also in it (she's in HS) and leaves for Sweden in a couple of weeks).

The Symphony called the director of this choir to see if she had any young men with an unchanged voice who also had the character and composure to handle a solo. She suggested only one person in her choir, my son.

I was thrilled she thought so much of him that she'd even take the reputational risk that comes with recommending a young person for such a public role. Apparently there were two other kids asked to audition out of other regional choirs. We found out last night he got it.
Congratulations to a proud father and his son. I enjoy voice. Both male and female. Don't think of me as being snobbish but I absolute love great voices. Ignore the ad and give it time. These are three of the great tenors of all time.

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