Bloated calf

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Another update, calf bloated a week or so ago, not quite as bad as the first time and it went down by the next day on its own. Noticed yesterday it was starting to again and got it in and gave it more vegetable oil, and a dose of Resflor.
I wondered if you fed Rumensin in your diet. I ask this because with adding 300 mg Rumensin per cow and then that is what my calves eat too, also it is in my mineral, that I have never lost a cow to bloat. Rumensin side effect is keeping down forthy bloat by 80% and I graze heavy white clover. Now that my Vaughns Bermuda is spreading in my pasture, it is putting a little bit of a choke hold on it in places. There is a really good feed man in Missouri at Straightway Feeds, Rick Grantham, as he owns the company that has been good at mixing custom rations and I am impressed with his feed. Now that I have found him, I won't be leaving. It is not a lot of sepation of pellets and "sand." But uniform pellets and corn,and he can get the Rumensin exactly how you want it. You tell him your situation, and he will suggest things. As I told him I grazed heavy clover and he said he could add a bloat prevention along with the Rumensin for pennies.

Rumensin can be fed from 185 mg to 660 mg. Now this is from a Dairy Study. And when it comes to nutrition, I like to go to the dairy side of it because they always put more into studying what their cattle eat and how it affects their product. They break it down. They just dive in and don't leave much unturned. The beef side of studying the diet of the cattle often is like dining at McDonalds vs. going to a really nice steak house where you get your steak cooked like you want it and they aren't all over cooked.

Now having said all of this, and it being my now forever feed company, they sell the Vita Ferm Mineral that was sold by different feed store I deal with. I would like to discuss this with Rick as he knows what he is talking about.
Be sure to report back what he advises.
That's the only issue I have with VitaFerm, then don't offer Rumensin in all their mineral - just 1 - and I'm not sure which one, but not one he sells. I have purchased straight Rumensin & added it to my mineral. It is a GREAT product. It is also a coccidiostat.

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