Bloated cow?

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Dec 4, 2022
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One of our dry cows isn`t feeling like herself. She hasn`t been eating much since Friday, when we found her laying on her side, unable to get up. Looked quite round, which is unusual. We separated her from the other cattle since she was bullied and we wanted to keep a close eye on her.

Left side of the abdomen seems a bit bigger but there isn`t a huge difference. No proper `pings` on the auscultation, just slightly high-pitched sounds on both left/right sides. Personally, I would rule out LDA. Rumen turnover okay, one/2 minutes yesterday morning, 3 in 2 minutes in the evening, so it improved. However, the rumen feels empty - which is understandable as she is eating little but there might be gas buildup too.
Heart rate normal and no fever. But her breathing was a bit labored. Frothy saliva, but she`s ruminating and belching. Could not get up by herself yesterday afternoon.
She eventually went for a walk (but she has a stiff gait ) last night and I drenched her with vegetable oil (as an antifoaming).
She was on her feet this morning, looking fairly normal. Ate a bit of silage and drank some water, but there is no change in her appearance. Left side has the same size, rumen feels the same.
All cattle, herself included, have silage in the morning and hay and straw in the afternoon. No grains or starchy feeds. They are indoors now, so no grass recently. We have not made any changes in their diet/housing.

Should I give her another oil drench? Anyone in here who tried giving coffee/sodium bicarbonate?
Any ideas/advice are welcomed.