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I just found out that the pasture I am renting this spring, that has a nice crick in it, also had 4 dead calves in it last year, 2 of which tested positive for black leg. Can I give my calves a black leg shot at birth, then the booster after 3 months when I haul them over there or is it too risky to give it at birth? Also, should the heifers that are calving have a booster for this or is it a one time shot thing? My vet.... who is retired and hasn't left the office for a decade claims one shot, no matter when, they will be fine. I don't want to take chances?!?
Our cows get a vaccination twice a year for blackleg, but that's primarily to get the blackleg antibodies in the chlostorum. The calves get there first blackleg vaccination when they're omonth or so to a couple of weeks old. When we work everybody in the spring the get castrated and vaccinated . In the fall at weaning they get another vaccination and a booster 3 weeks later.
works for us

My vet has told me that a vaccine like black leg will not hurt to give over time repeatedly. I give my calves one at a month old, three, and one more when I start my vac program just before weening them. My cows get one every year at the time they get revaccinated. If there is a history of black leg I would give it three times spred evenly. To me it is cheap compared to the results of not giving it.
A few years back I lost some 2- 4 week old calves that just up an died. The vet thought probably overeating caused it and suggested giving the calves the clostridial shots as newborns since I try to tag and give Vitamin A-D-E shots anyway. Started giving them shots of 7- way (includes blackleg) shortly after they're born, again when I brand and then when I precondition in the fall and have not had any problems.
i was told that the calves are protected from ther mothers antibodies in the milk untill ther 4 months or so and it requires 2 shots one and then a booster shortly after and this needs given every year but cattle over 3 dont require any thing it only affects younger cattle
Yep.. I agree with Rags here.. My vet told me that the mother provides allthe antibiotics they need while they are nursing. Then one shot will take care of it at weening.
Shot at one month, shot at 6 months and shot at 1 year. Never lost an animal to blackleg in 20 years. Never again. It's a foolish management cost-cutting idea that costs money...just like selenium and white muscle disease.
id give every animal that went there under two years a dose and a booster. too cheap a vaccine for the money that could be lost......but this is a old thread :p
We give our calves a shot of 8-way at birth, at branding, and at weaning. Then we give all of the cows a shot at Fall processing. As cheap as it is, you're not wasting any money.
In addition, we hit all our cows bulls with blackleg vac a minimum every 4 years. We lost a cow a while back to blackleg that was vaccinated at a younger age.

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