Beef and milk

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Depends on the breed, and even within a breed there are animals that produce better than others, and some that produce very poorly.

Best way to tell what your cow is doing, is pull the calf for 12 hours, then milk her out in the chute or at least check her udder and see if it is strutted/springing this will indicate to some extent how much milk she has produced in 12 hours. At least check each teat to see that there is good milk flow and that there is clean smooth milk flowing from each teat, she may have mastitis, which will be evident by chunky milk, or foul ordor in the milk, in any case the udder will need treatment if it is mastitis, also take her temp, if it is above 101.8-102 significantly, I would certainly get your vet to come check her, she may also require some antibiotics in addition to an intermamary infusion to stop the mastitis.

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