Basin Payweight & Sons

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Air gator

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Jun 14, 2013
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I guess I missed the boat on Basin Payweight 1682. What kind of experience have people had with him? Is growth his main contribution? Who is his best son? Is he worth $200 a straw (or whatever the going rate is)? Just curious.
Add depth of body and keeps them moderate. His son I'm watching is Tex Playbook at select. If you want semen asks your abs rep, I have heard he is starting to fill backorders.
Why Commonwealth? The catalog photo has an unusual angle...I guess to show that he is long.

Does anyone have any preference for the Payweight sons that ABS has?
Icc pay raise 4885 will be released at accelerated soon. Seen the bull as a 2 year old. Compared to 4886 at and I like 4885 alot better. Calves here in NE Iowa and at icc in Montana I see lots of good thing coming from the payweight grandsons. The mill coulee payweight or whatever his name is died way to soon from what I'm seeing

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