Bad year

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The picture was from a couple years ago right after I got Heidi. She was 1 and Apollo was 7 and March 3rd we lost Apollo when he was no longer able to walk. Heidi moved inside with us and was my constant companion went to work with me everyday.
When she was a tiny puppy and someone else had her I took care of her a lot. Always knew something wasn't quite right in the urinary system back then. She went into kidney failure. Both of these babies were so much fun mischievous and playful. I miss both of them so much
I'm very sorry to hear that. They can be a big part of the family, and sure leave a big void when you lose them. I hope for better days ahead for you soon.
I got my first dog when I was three, 1956... and I've had dogs continuously until we lost our last one in 2019. And it is our last. I don't want to leave a good friend behind when I die.

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Sorry about your two. The price we pay for loving animals with short lives.
Crap. Losing one is always such a heartache. Can't imagine losing both my boys at once. Our old heeler is 11 yrs (my nephew's partner) and my Min Schnauzer is 5 (my partner).
As mentioned, it's the heartache we choose having "short lived" loved ones.

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