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Jun 10, 2005
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Williamstown, MO (N.E.)
Went to a registered angus sale last night. This guy has a sale every spring and sells at least 45 bulls sometimes more. He has been doing this since at least 05 but maybe longer. Anyway in 05 his top selling bull was 7000.00 in 06 I think he got 10,000. for one, last year I think one brought 7000.00. This year top selling bull was 3500.00. So is the economy playing a role here or is it just to angus saturated market or just a bad night?

I thought the bulls looked good (fat but good) and maybe better than in the past. He also sold some commercial cows and they sold really good. 1450.00 to 1200.00 ea.Low was 1200.00
He sold three bulls that he advertised as all natural grass fed no protein and blue stem hay only fed and the top one was 1300.00 and the other two were 1100.00 These bulls were not fat they were lean and ready to work but not skinny.

Thought on this? or just a saturated market. He has to compete with sydenstrickers so this may have the market saturated.

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