Almost lost one and what to look for

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Feb 24, 2005
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East TN
Well, My boys are basically on there own now with the rest of the less than a year/weaning calves. I still go out and see them most everyday, giving them a little hay or grass that is still green. Well, yesterday afternoon when we were out there, the son came by and told me what he found that morning. He said he kept hearing a calf crying near the barn. He walk around a bit knowing there were several new babies and couldn't find it. He realized it was in the barn. He went in and didn't see anything at first then say a small nose trying to stay above water in a large water tub in the corner. He dumped the water and one of my boys out of the tub. Have no idea how he got in there but it was long enough he was getting too tired and cold to stay up for much longer. Dragged him to the hay bale that is set up just inside the barn door to let him dry. He seemed to be OK and came outside to get water and eat some corn while we were out there.

Only thing I can figure is some of the big boys or girls got pushy as they do and bumped him and that is where he ended up. It is a large (I think) 100 or 150 stock tank - like
one at tractor and supply. All 4 of my boys are taller than the tub and the one that got in there is the tallest so he must have been getting very tired/cold to be just his head/nose up.

Anyway, is there anything I should look for besides lethargy/ inactivity that would be signs of him having a problem?

Thanks in advance and I'm going to try to get a few pictures of them now that I have batteries for my camera.

Yep, I agree with what granny said, in addition: not eating, breathing heavy, or gargled breathing..
Probably be a good idea to have a vet look the calf over. I once had a grown cow somehow get upside down in a bathtub I was using for water. No more bathtubs on this ranch!

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