All calves are on the ground!

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Jan 5, 2004
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Northern California

Woke up this morning at ' O dark thirty' to what sounded like a cow dieing! We went running to the pasture to see if all was alright - and thankfully, all was well. Our last cow - her 2nd calf, first one had to be assisted - was finishing up the delivery.

Although i was happy at the miracle of birth - my thoughts start running to the logic parts - is the calf ok, momma ok, bull or heifer - and dang it, there is white on the underside - gonna cost me at the sale barn!!! ;-)

btw - this is one of my long horn mommas bred to an Angus.

My wife took a completely different view - again, she was amazed at the miracle of birth, then she start yapping at the cow to " ... be careful with those horns..." - you should have seen the look my wife got from that cow - priceless!!!

Another great day in Northern Calif!!!!

Thanks all

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