8 Month Old Hiefer with Diarrhea

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Mar 21, 2004
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Edison, Ohio
My granddaughter just cane from the barn and said her calf has diarrhea. What I saw runnier than normal, but I have seen a lot worst.

Feed has not changed, although she did not eat much last night. We loaded the calf yesterday to take it to the Vet for Brucellosis Vacination. Could the Vacination sause this?

With the ride and grandkids working her a lot yesterday she had a big day.

I have a call into the Vet now. I also have some Sulfatrim Pediatric solution (sulfamethoxazole and trimeethoprim oral suspension) that the Vet sold when we had this problem before with a calf. I cann't remember the dosage. Anyone have an idea.
I not sure what part of the country you're from, but here in Texas things have really greened up and all of that new green stuff will really loosen a cow up. If the calf has a bacterial infection that is causing it to scour, it will be running a temperature. I would take it's temperature and if it is high I would start it on antibiotics while you are waiting on the vet to get back with you. If temp is normal, hold off on the antibiotics. I'm not familiar with the medicine you have so I can't help on the dosage.

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