4 week old bottle fed calf loosing hair

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Dec 11, 2016
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I have a 4 week old calf that I am bottle feeding that is losing hair everywhere. I have only had her a week. Seems to be getting worse but doesnt bother her, she is very active.

:welcome: I've had calves lose fur similar to that after they've had a fever. I would think she would be too young to have something like mange or lice really bad that fast, but maybe not. Did she come from sale barn, or an individual? If from an individual, would be worth asking if she had any problems before you got her.
ok thanks she was in few a few other poddys, but i have another one from the same place that is not loosing her all her hair (only a bit on her tail). She I worm her?
My 1st thought was ringworm, even though much of the hair loss doesn't really look like it, it's probably ringworm.
I would not worm her until after she is eating dry feed well and off the bottle.
Could be lice although the spots that are losing the hair don;t really look like it. This is getting to be the prime time of the year for lice to start showing up.

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