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Raising two steers for a 4-H project. Both were born in May and weigh about 1050 lbs and 900 lbs. One has a large frame and the other medium. They are being fed a grain mixture consisting of 60 % corn and the remainder oats, salt, minerals and protein at about 2% of their body weight. They are also given all of the hay (clover, orchard grass and some alfalfa) that they can eat throughout the day. The average rate of gain is 3-4 lbs per day. The larger steer is getting loose around that hind quarters and has some fat deposits on his tail head.

This all sounds good but I am concern that they are going to finish way before the County Fair which is in mid July. Talking to others in the project they recommend to keep pushing the steers and get them to the finish weight early and than hold. This has not worked for me in the past and would like some advice on some options and the best approach to manage this situation. Don’t want to starve these animals for 2 months. The target weight is 1225lbs and 1275lbs and have started to cut back on the grain ration.

Any help would be appreciated.

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If you have been keeping an accurate record of their gain, I would calculate the DG and adjust their feed to reduce gain, calculate how many pounds total you have to gain for your finish point, the days left in the feeding period, and adjust accordingly. Sweat necks to reduce fat and extra hide, and excersize them to burn fat. Holding only ruins the carcass. Reduce their daily intake, reduce hay to no more than 1 flake AM one in PM, hay is converted to meat and fat too.

Good Luck

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