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Aug 29, 2005
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I am wanting to produce 200 rolls of summer grass such as Sudan or teff. In a fairly good year how many acres would I need to plant to reach my goal? Is there a variety that you may like better over others? Thanks
8-10,000 lbs to the acre if fertility is correct is what i've been seeing on the sudan. I believe with two cuts. So however much your bales weigh.

I've been pondering the same thing as far as growing a high yielder this year. This is going to be a stressful winter in about a month.

Can I ask what is pulling you towards sudan or teff?
i planted 4 acres of dwarf sudan and got about 40 rolls off it over the summer. i just planted it right in the grass and it did well. put a little urea on it at the beginning of the year. it would of really helped to had a 2nd application.

i planted teff on a 1/2 acre in the middle of the sudan to see how it did. and it really didn't do anything..

i had about 40 lbs of it i threw in the planter and put in a light amount of sudan on about 50 acres last year... the sudan all came up but i didn't see 1 bit of teff.

i haven't had much luck with the teff at all.. i've tried with a no till, spinner spreader, newly disc ed ground etc.. and can't get it to come up.
Do you like the sudan as far as feed ability? And at what point do you cut it? Speaking in terms of maturity...

How different is sudan from johnson grass?
its an excellent feed.. the leaves are very wide and long.

i recommend tedding it atleast once a day, if not twice.

i planted the dwarf variety and let it get up to about knee high and cut it. i baled it dry.
When we say the dwarf variety, are we tak=lking about the field crop I call Milo?
So if I have 1000 1200lb rolls you think I will need 20 acres to produce. 200 rolls? How do you like haygrazer?

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