2 month old calf down

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Feb 10, 2014
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After the cold front this weekend, i found a 2 month old heifer calf down this morning. She was laying on her side and moving her legs. All 4 legs have movement but she seems unable to have control of her head. She will not sit up cow fashion but rather just roll to her side. She does not blink but does move her eyes some. I got her inside a warm truck and tried to bottle feed her some milk replacer. She only took about half a pint with me squeezing it into her mouth. No sucking from her. She does not seem dehydrated. I gave her a shot of pen G and also a warm bath as i think she may have some hyperthermia. My rectal temp gauge only reads to 96 on the low side and she was below that. Momma cow was standing with her and is in good condition with a good bag. I have not contacted a vet. Any ideas or input?

Thank you in advance.
Doesn't sound like cold to me either. I would suspect something internal as well. Did she get laid on? Was she by a hay ring or inside a crowded barn? Do you give a selenium shot when born? Wondering about white muscle disease.
Definately not "hyperthermia", may have some secondary "hypothermia" though from just lying around. Sounds neuological to me. Definately get it checked out.

I didnt get her to the vet and the heifer didnt make it. I also am thinking it was neurological although i do not no the cause. Anyways, ill answer the couple of questions that were asked. She was not in a crowded area such as where we feed or barn when i found her so i do not believe she was stepped on. I check cows twice a day so she went down overnight. She did not get a selenium shot when born and i have never heard of selenium being an issue in my area (South Alabama).

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