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Jul 5, 2012
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If you are using win10 and watch dvd movies on your computer, what software are you using to play the dvd?

(win10 doesn't come with the usual media player even if your computer came with the hardware)
I'll second that. VLC works and is free. For what these computers cost you'd think they'd have more software on them, but that's a gripe for another day.

BrownCow":2v3nxsvw said:
I'll second that. VLC works and is free. For what these computers cost you'd think they'd have more software on them, but that's a gripe for another day.

Oh no. I spent 1/2 a day uninstalling all the bloatware that MS and Lenonvo included on this machine. I'd be very happy if it came with just the OS, a basic browser, and a 30 day version of a basic antivirus so I could safely and easily get on line and dl all my own peripheral software, including a real AV program......McAfee IS a virus.
Might be different, if all that superfluous crap didn't load on startup, but it always does.
That's true. HP had this thing packed full of nonsensical garbage when I bought it. I guess I was thinking about word and spreadsheet software and some decent video/picture management software when I was wishing that more stuff came on them. The worst that I have seen is a Dell. My brother's employer issued him a new Dell laptop a few years ago - half of the desktop fills up with programs loading and starting when you turn it on. Nothing short of an exorcism would help that rig... :help:

sim.-ang.king":2xdpbmy1 said:
My version came with Windows dvd player installed.
Some did, some did not. Mine came with some funky default program called Smart Audio. It does play a video decently, but lags.
Finally found a shortcut to Windows Media Player in program files, but had to install it from there and download the codecs.
Looking for something better still. I will give the program dun suggested a try.

I did the w10 download back when MS was prompting all W7 users to install it last year, didn't like it much and went back to W7 until I had to get a new computer last week when my 5 year old laptop HD bit the bullet.

I do NOT like MS Edge and have never liked Bing as a search engine. As soon as I had imaged my HD and set up backup, created a restore point and bootable restore disk, I downloaded Chrome browser. Edge, which is just a glorified IE browser, is chock a block full of ads. Oddly enough, IE11 is also listed in 'programs' but not installed as default browser as it would have been in any other new OS release.

Why, Edge decided to place the bookmarks/favorites over on the right top of the page instead of over on the left side where it's been since Win3.11 and Win95 is beyond me.
After barely getting all my pictures off the old laptop before the HD quit completely, I'm now backing up data daily to a 1tb Western Digital Passport external hard drive via USB.
When I replaced out old computers last year (they wouldn;t run anything newer then XP because of their age) I spent a day getting them set up with the stuff I wanted then spent a day getting rid of the crap I didn;t. That's when I found out that the programs and features selection is slick for getting rid of stuff you don;t want. I've e tried to delete /uninstall Edge. Couldn;t get it to do it so I just changed all of my preferences to the things I wanted. Haven;t had to do anything with either system now for 6 months other then run normal maintenance

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