Will a Cow breed?

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I have an open cow with calf still sucking teats. If I put a bull with her while she is still nursing calf, will she come into heat? Calf is about 4 months old. She is about an 8 year old cow. Thank you in advance for your help.

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3 months is really the max time. best to just put a bull with the cows when they are about to calve, that way, after first heat, they will be bred, shouldn't take more then two months, otherwise you're in trouble.

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If there is no problems such as a uterine infection or that she had some other type of trouble at calving time. Cows should come into heat around 45 days. Some cows come into what some people call a "silent heat" at around 19 days. Usually this is not detectable and they don't settle, but I have seen in happen. So the cow with a 4 month old calf should have been in heat about 75 days ago, if she's in good condition. We want calves on the ground, at the earliest, March. So we keep the bull out of the herd for almost 3 months after calving so we don't have calves in snowdrifts.

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