When to place patches?

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Aug 26, 2015
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Nolan County TX
Bred a group last Tuesday using the 7 day fixed time. Ran them back through Saturday morning and put patches on (vet said to do it before 7 days post breeding due to stress and absorbing.) Anyway, half of them have either pulled them off or scratched them up. So when do y'all patch to catch the ones you missed?
I use tail paint when I pull the cidrs so I know what they have been up to then I put the patches on just a couple of days before they are due back in. Mine are very used to being worked and have no stress running through for the patches and no problems there. I have a lot of trees and bushes so patches get a bit scratched but you get used to interpreting the scratches in conjunction with their behavour.

I patch 17 days after breeding, I leave any no responders patches on in case there off cycle.
15-16 days after AI. Are they shedding really bad to have that many patches come off?
ricebeltrancher":1s0h19xk said:
15-16 days after AI. Are they shedding really bad to have that many patches come off?

Either shedding or that I poured the with with saber a few weeks ago. However they didn't feel oily when I put those patches on.
Yeah, I wouldn't think they pour-on would matter since you did it that long ago. A friend of ours cleans his with alcohol first...those patches stay on forever. We use the tacky cloth and it does a pretty good job on loose hair.
I just use tail head chalk....easy and cheap and it will stay on for months if not rubbed off....

you can use different colors for different breeding groups.

I had a few who still had traces of their post breeding December applied chalk until they shed out in the summer....

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